(Lerne Englisch auf den Philippinen)

Finding things to do in an action-packed country like the Philippines is never a problem and to make it even easier to have fun at the weekend we take our students on two activities a month.

 With over 7,000 islands to choose from you can easily imagine that some activities involve watersnorkeling, scuba diving (why not learn to dive at one of our local dive schools?), island hoppingtrips to other islandsbanana boatingparasailing and so on. For a less adventurous water experience you can always relax in one of our three swimming pools.


Close to the guitar manufacturing area, you can visit one of the internationally famous guitar makers and see how guitars are made; start to finish.

Fancy a little adrenaline rush? Then why not try a few laps around a race track in a go-cart. It’s not exactly Formula 1 but will still get your heart pumping quicker!

Pond fishing is also a nice way to pass a few hours with your catch becoming lunch once it is cooked by the attentive kitchen staff.

Try ‘rock climbing’ at a local outdoor activity centre or just got to Starbucks and have coffee!

And the list goes on! There really is something for everyone here.

Come and see for yourself!